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News: 2016-2017

IES updated the setup-va12 installer with new release in September 2016, with a new expiration date. You must download again and re-install to obtain the updated version, using the link that was emailed to you when you registered.

If you don't have this link, you may register again. Improvements for this release include the following:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does the educational version expire?

A. Yes, the current release will run from today through September 2017.

Q. How do I get a license key, my old key has expired?

A. VisualAnalysis edu does not require a license key at all. We have simplified the educational registration process and all you need to do is register, download and install the new version. There are no special license keys to make it work.

Q. I need feature XY or Z that is not in the educational product. How can I get that?

A. The educational version has what we believe are the 'required' set of features for teaching and learning structural analysis. If you feel like you need additional features for your classroom or educational process, you may request them for next year, or purchase a commercial license for VisualAnalysis. IES may offer a non-profit or educational discount on the pricing if you contact us to explain your situation.

Q. My school is not in the USA or Canada?

A. The educational version is only available to schools in the USA or Canada that have civil/structural degree programs and related fields. Other schools, and foreign schools may purchase licenses of the commercial product, perhaps with a non-profit or educational discount. Please contact the sales office for details.

Q. How can I learn VisualAnalysis?

A. We offer a large number of training videos for the commercial version. Because many of the features are the same, many of these are also very relevant for the educational product. The same goes for the online help and tutorials.

Student Technical Support?

Technical support for students is not provided by IES, Inc. Please contact your instructor for assistance, and make use of the tutorials and documentation provided in the software and on this web site.

Faculty or Instructor Technical Support

Professors, instructors, and school IT staff may send email to for support with product or installation issues. Please include a project file, pictures, or PDF document as necessary to demontrate or explain the issue.

Email response time is usually less than 2 hours during business hours, but please allow one business day for a response.