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Videos were made in VA 8.0, but version 12.0 is very similar for basic operations, when in doubt trust your software, not the video.

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Read this one-page document to avoid common mistakes.

Statics Problem

Learn some basic modeling techniques in VisualAnalysis as Terry demonstrates how you can check your hand calculations with a simple static-equilibrium problem. You will learn to sketch a model, create external supports, and apply a nodal load, how to display result reaction forces and how to turn off the self-weight feature.
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Truss Model

Learn more modeling techniques in VisualAnalysis as Terry demonstrates how to analyze a 2D truss model. You will learn about end-releases (simple vs. rigid connections), how to display axial forces on members in the result view.
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3D Frame

Learn more advanced modeling techniques in VisualAnalysis as Terry demonstrates with a 3D frame model. You will learn how to apply member loads, change units on input and in the display, generate copies of models, sketch models in 3D, and create custom load combination. You will also see how to view on-frame moment diagrams, get detailed deflection-shear-moment diagrams and create textual reports.
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IES Youtube Channel: More Training Videos

Visit IES on youtube for more VisualAnalysis training.
Please Note: the commercial version contains features and changes from the educational product. The "basic" things are the same...